DBT Guided Self-Help

Self-Study together with a Therapist

What is DBT Guided Self-Help?

DBT skill training is a fundamental component of the DBT treatment approach. But sometimes you might not be in the position to do weekly therapy. STG offers guided DBT Self-Help to help you stay focused and motivated.

Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) Skills Guided Self-Help, brought to you by STG Health, is like a personal toolkit that helps you manage your feelings, handle stress, and improve how you relate with others. It’s all about teaching you useful skills, and then encouraging you to apply them yourself in your daily life. This self-help approach revolves around four essential modules: mindfulness, distress tolerance, emotion regulation, and interpersonal effectiveness. It’s like a GPS system for your mental health, giving you the freedom and guidance to take control of your own wellbeing.

But you’re not on this journey alone! STG Health is there for you every step of the way with monthly guidance sessions. These are like regular pit stops where you can assess your progress, stay focused, and keep your motivation high. These sessions aren’t just about checking in, though. They’re tailored to your needs, helping you adapt these DBT skills to your personal difficulties. It’s like having a coach who understands your unique challenges and works with you to ensure you’re making the most out of these skills. So, with STG Health, you’re not just studying these skills, but truly learning how to apply them effectively in your life.

How to Start

Getting started with DBT Skills Guided Self-Help is easy. Complete the STG Intake form to book your first appointment. Once your appointment is scheduled, we will share a digital copy of the first chapter of one of the two books we recommend so you can get started right away.

Below is a link to the recommended book we use for DBT Guided Self-Help:

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