DBT for Emotional Relief

a 12-week Group Journey

What is DBT Skills for Emotional Relief?

Do you ever find yourself struggling to manage your emotions? Trust me, you’re not alone! Dealing with emotions can be a real challenge, especially when they hit you out of the blue and seem to be coming at you from all directions. But guess what? You don’t have to feel helpless anymore.

Want to discover the magic of fast-acting “emotional rescue” tools? They’re rooted in proven-effective DBT techniques and can quickly relieve you from intense thoughts and feelings. Plus, they’ll equip you with essential emotion regulation skills to help you stay balanced like a pro. These powerful techniques will empower you to effectively handle your feelings and put an end to those emotional meltdowns before they take over. From mindfulness and emotion regulation to distress tolerance and interpersonal effectiveness, these skills are total game-changers. Get ready to take charge of your emotions, reduce pain and suffering, focus on the good stuff, and improve your overall quality of life.

DBT for Emotional Relief includes rigorous modules on DBT Core Principles designed to initiate a transformation in your mental health. Every week, you will virtually connect with a cohesive group of individuals who will offer support and ensure accountability as you delve into the fundamentals of DBT.

Completing the DBT for Emotional Relief modules is mandatory before advancing to the subsequent level of DBT Skills Group sessions, where we further explore the methodology and practical applications that contribute to the success of DBT.

Borderline or Bipolar?

Dealing with emotions is tough — we get it! But now, you no longer have to face it alone. If finding balance feels like an uphill battle and you need some quick relief from those emotional storms, this group is for you! These 12 weeks are part of the DBT Skills Group Basic and are a great way to start learning and integrating skills.

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Session Summary

Below is a general session outline. Note that the exact content for each DBT Group is adjusted based on the needs of the participants. DBT for Emotional Relief is 12 sessions. Each session lasts 90 to 110 minutes, with psychoeducation (learning about emotions), activities, applying skills, and deep reflection.

Session 1 to 3 focus on introducing you to many aspects about emotions and how to learn helpful ways to observe and describe your emotions.

Session 4 to 6 are all about essential skills to help you regulate "quality of life interfering emotions"

Session 7 and 8 focus on learning easy-to-implement skills to help you deal with stressful moments quickly and effectively.

Session 9 and 10 are about managing difficult emotions and then change them into pleasurable experiences.

Session 11 helps you understand why relationships are difficult and how to focus on relationships that truly matter!

Session 12 focuses on how to deal with future difficult emotions independently by keeping your learned skills at the forefront. This session includes a reflection and preparation to go into the next set of DBT Basic Skills.

After completing session 12, participants may continue into weeks 13 to 26, focusing deeper on the methodology and practical applications that make DBT successful. Continued sessions focus on 2 weeks of Mindfulness, 4 weeks of emotional regulation, 4 weeks of Distress Tolerance, and 3 weeks of Interpersonal Effectiveness skills.

Organization and Cost

The DBT Emotional Relief group runs for 12 sessions. Each session is about 60 – 90 minutes long and is entirely provided online. This group is followed by 14 additional sessions, deepening content and application. Your guide is a seasoned DBT therapist. You will have access to the STG Emotional Learning Management System with additional resources. 

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