DBT for Bipolar Disorder

a 12-week Group Journey

What is DBT for Bipolar Disorder?

Do you ever find yourself struggling to manage your emotions? Trust me, you’re not alone! Dealing with emotions can be a real challenge, especially when they hit you out of the blue and seem to be coming at you from all directions. But guess what? You don’t have to feel helpless anymore.

Want to discover the magic of fast-acting “emotional rescue” tools? They’re rooted in proven-effective DBT techniques and can quickly relieve you from intense thoughts and feelings. Plus, they’ll equip you with essential emotion regulation skills to help you stay balanced like a pro. These powerful techniques will empower you to effectively handle your feelings and put an end to those emotional meltdowns before they take over. From mindfulness and emotion regulation to distress tolerance and interpersonal effectiveness, these skills are total game-changers. Get ready to take charge of your emotions, reduce pain and suffering, focus on the good stuff, and improve your overall quality of life.

Transforming Lives

Dealing with emotions is tough — we get it! But now, you no longer have to face it alone. If finding balance feels like an uphill battle and you need some quick relief from those emotional storms, this group is for you!

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Bipolar Skills Group

12 Sessions of 90 Minutes

Each session is about 90 minutes long, packed with psychoeducation (learning about emotions), activities, applying skills, and reflection.

Learning about your Bipolar

Session 1 to 3 focus on introducing you to many aspects about bipolar disorder as well as strategies to start managing your bipolar symptoms.

Emotional Self-Care

Session 4 is about teaching you essential self-care strategies to helo manage "quality of life interfering emotions"

Be Kind to Yourself and Others

Session 5 and 6 focus on the relationship with yourself using a nonjudgemental approach whilke accepting reality.

Manage Distress

Session 7 teaches practical and effective skills to help you deal with distressful moments without turning these into major episodes.

Regulate your Emotions

Session 8 and 9 teach you how to observe and describe emotions and then teach you how to effectively regulate difficult emotions.

Relationships and You

Session 10 and 11 focus on managing relationships effectively while also learning how to manage (un)helpful relationships.

Your Emotional Stable Future

Session 12 focuses on how to deal with future difficult emotions independently by keeping your learned skills at the forefront.

Organization and Cost

The DBT Bipolar Skills group runs for 12 sessions. Each session is about 90 minutes long and is entirely provided online. Your guide is a seasoned DBT therapist. You will have access to the STG Learning Management System with additional resources.

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