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Before joining a specialized DBT group, you need to have an initial consultation. This is the first step after you sign up. You will have an individual assessment led by a trained mental health professional. This talk lasts 20 to 30 minutes and will help us understand your situation better. We use this information to select a group that is best for you.

Group sessions are inbetween 90 and 110 minutes, depending on the content.

Some groups run for 12, others for 14. The full DBT Skills Basic runs for 26 weeks.

This depends on the group. In general, we aim to have between 6 and 14 participants per group.

Sessions are weekly, excluding holidays and Stats.

All active participants are elegible for a complimentary one-on-one session with one of the DBT therapists during the second month of the group sessions.

Everyone benefits more from therapy sessions when they actively participate. At first, many people in the group are shy, but by session 2 or 3, people become more engaged. Remember, you get out of therapy what you put into it. The other people in your group are there for the same reason as you and are dealing with similar conditions or mental health challenges. The therapist also ensures that everyone’s confidentiality is protected at the beginning of each session, so everyone can feel safe sharing their experiences.

No, we only share full name or your preferred name.

When you book your consultation, you’ll get an email with a special link for your first assessment. After your consultation, you’ll get another email telling you which group you’re in. Before each group session, you’ll get a reminder email with a link to join the session. In session 1, all participants are oriented to the Learning Management System as well.

Some insurance companies reimburse fees paid for psychotherapy and psychological services. Please connect with an STG specialist to learn more.

For each participant who can access NIHB or funding through Métis Nation Saskatchewan (MN-S Citizens only), separate requirements exist. Your therapist will help you navigate.